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Why is Fire Prevention Important?


Awareness of the importance of fire prevention and early prevention of fire hazards, in general is still felt to be lacking, especially of our people. So that fires often occur that always cause a lot of losses. To prevent fire events and reduce their impact, an adequate level of fire knowledge is needed.



Fire Protection Design & Planning


Every planning and design will be carried out through a range of futures and stages, to get maximum planning, then we always review the installation location including possible obstacles that can be anticipated to the maximum solutions.




Supply of Fire Extinguishers & Fire Protection Equipment


We also provide Fire Extinguishers & Fire Protection Tools for all areas that have a high risk of fire impacts. We can offer the best prices for Fire Extinguishers and Fire Protection Tools that may be needed at, Factories, Offices, Kitchens, Restaurants, and many others.



Future Maintenance For Each Job


Every job will require periodic monitoring and checking to reduce errors and losses that can be a big risk. We are ready to serve periodic maintenance for each installation plan needed.




About Us

PT MULTI SAFETINDO MANDIRI (MSM) established since 2005 with business focus as a distributor of fire protection products. Currently, the operational coverage of MSM has reached all of Indonesia, supported by experts in the field of fire protection systems, 1 head office, 2 branches, and 1 representative office.

 With the growing business of the company, currently, MSM has developed into a reliable fire protection consultant, installation of fire protection systems and maintenance of fire protection devices. Become a trusted partner and partner in designing, providing, installing, and maintaining all fire protection system.

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